Present in the investment industry, we have always committed to being:

Independent: The capital is held entirely by our Directors, Fund Managers and staff. We are not attached to any group, significantly limiting the risk of conflicts of interest with companies in which we invest our assets under management (AUM).

Transparent: In each quarterly report, we publish a detailed breakdown of our Funds’ portfolios. This report is made available to the general public on our website, which ensures complete clarity of our investment strategies. The Funds’ audited annual reports include comments on the major ESG issues affecting companies in which we hold an interest.

Responsible: When selecting securities, we exclude companies involved in controversial activities such as anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions. We also practice negative screening on globally recognized norms-based conventions and European Union sanctions*. Regular meetings with managers of the companies in which the Funds invest, and visits to production sites around the world, are the most reliable way of assessing how much weight companies attach to ESG criteria and their promotion of sustainable development. Carmignac’s active voting policy is part of this commitment to promote best practices in all companies.